Rurban Intercorp

Rurban Intercorp LLP incorporated in 2016 and is a recognized startup by DIPP – Govt. of India. The firm started its operations in 2017.

The firm has been started keeping in concern the carefree attitude of today’s generation toward our mother earth and nature. At Rurban Intercorp, we aim to spread knowledge and awareness of preserving nature and sharing theoffering of nature with the world around us.

While doing so we strive to maintain a balance in the ecosystem by maintaining cycle of giving back what we borrow from nature. The Firm also aspires to hone talent of people who often don’t get the chance or proper platform to showcase their talent.

These aspirations and motivations led the firm to foray into a multi-domains.

Main Pillars of the Firm

Desire to Contribute

The first pillar of our firm is the never ending desire to contribute to the Society.

Commitment to Change

Second pillar of our firm is commitment to change ourselves with the changing needs. The commitment to change also expands to helping people see beyond what they think is their best. To motivate and inspire people to believe that they can change for the better.

Honesty in Delivery

The foremost pillar of the firm is our desire and commitment to delivery with full transparency, honesty, customer satisfaction and overall improvement and development for the firm and our Clients.

Rurban Resort

"RurBan" is the amalgam of words 'RURal' and 'urBAN' reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become, we sprout from roots deep seated in the core of Rural India. Rurban Resort (Formerly known as The Rurban Village) is one of its kind self-sustaining Resort with an Enviro Social initiative. Rurban Resort, today is catering to Families, couples, schools and corporates through their several agro tourism packages. Be in Day tours, Over night stay or Corporate outing, Rurban Resort is your go to weekend getaway destination!

Amodiva Farm

Amodiva is your Farm for pure Gir Cow A2 Ghee, Raw Honey, Natural Jaggery and much more! For all essentials from nature for a “Happy Way of Living”. They say happiness lies in small things. We say happiness is eternal, if you look for it at the right place! As the sun rays shine bright upon us, giving life forms and forming the botany all around us. We endeavor to take on the behemoth task of hand picking some of the hidden gems from this very botany of nature – for you, let’s start exploring together!

Amod (Happiness) + Diva (Heaven) = Amodiva (Heavenly Happiness)

A state of happy living- eternal like the sun !

Dressed up Plates

Dressed Up Plates is a global network and community of people who enjoy cooking and take utmost care at presenting their dish in an artistic way. Contests are run to identify the favourite artist based on viewer votes and awarded the title of - “Food Artist”!

Golden Grandeur Awards

Golden Grandeur Award is India’s first online talent contest, running across various categories, aimed at inviting nomination from all across the country and help “Unlock your Talent”. It is a platform where talent can be showcased , judged by online voters from across the nation. The winner is awarded and recognized for their talent at the end of the contest.

Rurban Kennel Club

Our love for wildlife and animals is unconditional and ever-growing. Hence we started off our very own Kennel and pet food - for people to interact and adopt their favorite pets and also to provide the best of healthy food for them!

3500 Happy Customers
150 Corporates Worked With
9 License and Certification

85 Employment Generated
  • - Mr. Rudi, Ericsson India- ( On Rurban Resort)

    Great time we had a company outing here and everyone had a great time. Lots of interesting activities both individual and group to do. Thank you very much for a memorable time
  • - Mr. Naushad Ahmed -( On Rurban Resort)

    Amazing place to visit Amazing place to visit. Lots of fun activities, especially for kids. Well maintained nice property, everyone enjoyed a lot. Highly recommended place to visit
  • - Mr. Nitesh jain - ( On Amodiva)

    The Taste of Jaggery was very good. It just gets melt in mouth very slowly
  • Ms. Suruchi Duggal( On Amodiva)

    Amazing experience. Good service. Ordered honey and jaggery block. 100% pure and tasty

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